What’s with the momdrobe anyway?

It all started as a joke. I was surfing online trying to find “mom of the year” contests on talk shows, in local papers, etc, to help publicize a friend’s new business. I hit the Rachel Ray site, and see “Do you want a celebrity mom makeover?”. Uh, well, not really, but I’m sitting there pondering  my current look: hair that’s back in a pony tail because I never have time to dry it, highlights that hadn’t touched up in months, my reef flip flops (which by the way were supreme in terms of comfort but not fashionable), my faded jeans, and my ill fitting t. And yes, I was at work, dressed like I was ready to paint a room.

So, we all have those days, right? Well, I’d been having a lot of them. I suppose I’m lucky to work in a relaxed atmosphere where you have some freedom to dress comfortably. But this ragged attire had become the norm, as opposed to the exception that it should be for a professional woman. It all started when I broke my foot in February, falling down the back stairs at work because I was carrying way too much and multitasking (translation: reading my blackberry while running down the stairs late to a meeting). Well, heels were out – not only for the duration of my walking cast (yet another fashionable accessory), but for some time after. Flats became flip flops. Skirts became denim. And button down tees became t-shirts. It just plain got out of hand.

So what the heck? I filled out my “story” on the web site and forgot about it. After all, it was just a spur of the moment thing. About three months later, I was in a meeting and my cell phone rang. Not recognizing the number and thinking it could be one of my clients, I answered. Imagine my shock when on the other end of the line was a Rachel Ray producer, interested in my story. Really?

So, I interviewed with them. Then I interviewed with another producer. Then a few weeks would go by without a word, and they’d call me again – it became a cycle of communications that would come and go. Although they interviewed me for a number of segments (as I did more interviews, they considered me for different segments), my story was always the same.

I was a mom who lost her style. It was a combination of the just-healed broken foot, lack of time, dissatisfaction with the post-baby body, and frankly, a lack of energy to give to my style. And thus, my style became known as my  momdrobe. Heck, if Rachel Ray could get EVOO added to the dictionary, I could make up a word for this atrocious attire that had become my wardrobe. It was a collection of wash and wear clothes that allowed me to go from work to play. Unfortunately it was play appropriate, but not work appropriate.

If you are wondering, I did go on the show. More on that in a later post, but I’m sure many of you have had your momdrobe moments. Hopefully they were of a shorter duration than mine (I am too embarrassed to even admit how long the phase lasted). I have, however, come to separate my work and play, at least where style is concerned. And while it takes more work, drive, and time, it also brings me a feeling of self-assurance and confidence that were previously missing. I guess I should thank the producers for that – for pulling me out of my constant “casual  Fridays” phase and bringing me back to the real world.

And those highlights? Well, I’m on a waiting list with my hair stylist. Hey, you can’t do it all!

Here’s wishing you all a high fashion day in your future.


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