My emotional hook

I am not a morning person. It doesn’t help that my kids aren’t either – getting dressed and out the door in the morning can be really challenging. There have been many days where I get in my car after dropping them at day care and let out a big sigh of – dare a working mom say it – RELIEF. These incidents are pretty much isolated to week days (ie, work days), when the morning shuffle includes the time boundaries associated with having to be to my job on time.

It’s a tough juggle, and the mom guilt tends to build up during these mornings and eat away at me. But by the time I get to work, I am back to my normal state (normal = putting on a brave face and pretending that I really have my act together). And yes, there is a secret to my success…triple-venti, non-fat, caramel drizzle latte. Not the pump caramel made up of chemicals, the real caramel that comes out of the squeeze bottle. And not drizzled inside the cup, just on top. And please don’t forget the appropriate amount of foam in the cup – without 1/4 cup of foam, my caramel sinks to the bottom of my cup.

Heck, I love this coffee so much that one time I was doing a videotaped interview at work and ended up singing the custom order and dancing in my chair, celebrating my favorite treat. I can’t remember what question was asked that elicited that over enthusiastic response, but I’m pretty sure that footage will come back to haunt me someday.

No, I’m not normally high maintenance. But that cup of coffee in the morning has to be right (I’ve been known to return it if it wasn’t). That supreme, made just right, cup of coffee in the morning restores my mojo, reduces the morning stress, and really gets me going.

It’s not about the caffeine. It’s about the experience. It’s about taking five minutes in the morning that is “mine”, with “my” coffee, in “my” place. Yes, for that brief moment in the morning, it is all about me. It doesn’t matter that I am still finishing that cup of heaven as my coworkers start beating down my door looking for me – I’ve already had my me time, and my day can start. Sure, it’s not much – maybe 10 minutes or so, but it’s my ten minutes.

Go find your triple-venti, non-fat, caramel drizzle latte. And enjoy the moment. You deserve it.


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