To flu or not to flu

OK, I’ll admit it. I’m totally freaked out by this upcoming flu season. Are there any parents out there who aren’t (and if so, please let me know, because you deserve a medal!)

It’s not merely fear of the H1N1. It’s a fear of all of the other illnesses that seem to be going around right now, and the fact that by the time that H1N1 gets here, their immune systems will likely be fighting off strep, or sinus infections, or ear infections, or coxsackie virus (and we thought that only runs during the summer?!) And what is a poor little kid to do when their immune system is down and they end up with this epidemic flu?

So, I’m doing it. I’m actively calling their ped to find out if the H1N1 vaccines are in. It’s been a tough decision this year. But after consulting with many people, all of whom have done much more research than I, we’re headed in.

Be well everyone. And wash those hands.


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